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LifeScientist was created by GenScript as a platform to share Life Sciences content related to discoveries, industry news, research solutions, events, and careers in life sciences.

When GenScript was founded in 2002, we had one important mission in mind: to make research easy, so innovation in life sciences would accelerate. In the past decades, biology has taken giant leaps forward. Exciting innovations are happening in many areas, including next generation sequencing, genome editing, synthetic biology, and immunotherapy. At GenScript, we firmly believe that we are at the dawn of a new age in which revolutionary breakthroughs in biology will finally solve fundamental issues of our humanity: from curing a variety of diseases and cleaning our environment to providing us safe and sustainable sources of food, we are eventually making our planet a better place to inhabit. This presents a great opportunity as well as a responsibility for all of us in biological sciences. We are confident that we as a community can work together to take advantage of this opportunity to benefit all. We want to thank all Life Scientists who have worked very hard in laboratories worldwide to take science this far. It has been a long yet rich journey for us and you, too. We think no one should embark on this journey alone. So we invite you to continue to take us along with you, let us support your growth, and together let’s further advance the frontiers of biology to achieve our mission of ” Make Human and Nature Healthier Through Biotechnology.”

If you like to contacts us with comments, suggestions or questions, feel free to email us at: info@life-scientist.com

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GenScript Biotech Corporation and GenScript Probio sponsor LifeScientist.  Genscript Biotech Corporation is a leading life sciences research and application service and product provider that applies its proprietary technology to various fields from basic life sciences research to translational biomedical development, industrial synthetic products, and cell therapeutic solutions. Backed by gene synthesis and editing technology, the Group has made significant progress in its synthetic biology research and application, which mainly materialized into its innovative chimeric antigen receptor (“CAR”) T-cell (“CAR-T”) therapy and industrial enzyme businesses. GenScript ProBio is the bio-pharmaceutical CDMO segment of the world’s leading biotech company GenScript Biotech Corporation. GenScript ProBio’s one-stop antibody drug development solutions include antibody drug discovery (hybridoma, phage display, single B cell, fully human and bispecific antibody technologies), antibody engineering (antibody humanization, affinity maturation, developability assessment and optimization), antibody development (stable cell line generation, process development), and clinical and commercial manufacturing. *All the contents from LifeScientist are independent and not influenced by the sponsors.