The New Factory for Monoclonal Antibodies: CHO-K1

Monoclonal antibodies, or mAb, are one of the preferred treatment options for many unmet need diseases due to the high specificity. However, one of the many challenges for recombinant protein-based therapies is the rapid scaling of production, often due to low yields. One alternative is the stable cell lines that can produce a large quantities of mAb before clinical studies, but the production process is slow, costly and limited by the production capacity.

Moving towards transient gene expression (TGE)

Large-scale transient gene expression or TGE technology offers a shortcut for recombinant therapeutic protein production. Instead of incorporating antibody DNA in to the cell genome, the TGE system delivers an optimized extra chromosomal plasmid in to the cells nucleus, that is temporarily expressed at high levels. 

Introducing the next generation transient mammalian CHO expression

GenScript has developed the TGE system in CHO-K1 cells that can yield grams of protein in as little as three weeks, including gene synthesis and scale up production enough to fall strike preliminary testing without the need for a stable cell line. The same CHO-K1 cells are also available to stablish stable cell lines once the candidate mAb has been identified for IND filling and beyond

In addition, transient expression in mammalian cells is crucial when post-translational modifications and appropriate protein folding are desired for downstream applications. CHO (Chinese Hamster Ovary) cells are the principal mammalian host used for recombinant protein and antibody production. The next generation proprietary CHO transient expression developed by GenScript significantly increases the yield and shortens the production time. This is a cost-effective solution which also enables small scale (microgram) to kilogram level protein production based on the same expression system for the best consistency and minimal surprises during the downstream steps.

Features from:

GenScript CHO-HT (High Throughput)

  • Expression Screening or Protein Delivery (Target amount 0.1-5 mg)
  • Production time in 2 weeks (gene synthesis included)
  • Average yield (Antibody) 300 mg/L
  • Purity: >90%, Endotoxin control: <1 EU/mg
  • GenScript TOP Quality.

CHO-Express: 500 mg in 3 weeks (click below to learn more)

CHO-HP: 500 mg to kilograms in 6 weeks (click below to learn more)

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